Abby Giffin | Heirloom Event Co.

Hello and Welcome! 

Heirloom Event Co. is a wedding and event planning company that creates intentional celebrations by telling your love story through heartfelt details and a seamless wedding experience. 

I passionately believe that the beautiful details of your wedding day, when chosen with meaning, can serve as a starting point for the legacy of your marriage and your life. 

Your wedding should be a reflection of you as a couple. I help couples select the traditions that have meaning to them and let go of the ones that don't.  

I was born and raised in Michigan, and I now call Chicago home. After earning an advanced degree in psychology and working for ten years as a corporate event planner, I found my purpose in the design and execution of events that create meaningful experiences.  

I love what I do not just because of my passion for details, lists, and spreadsheets; most of all, I love being a part of a family's deeply personal memories. 


Things I believe to be true:

  1. You can honor tradition and have an event that feels like you at the same time.
  2. Just because everyone else does something at their wedding, does not mean it is the right detail for your wedding. 
  3. A meaningful wedding planning process is the stepping stone into an authentic marriage. 

Love Notes 

"I am so impressed with your organizational skills, pro-activeness and pleasant demeanor. it seems like everything you touch turns to gold. You are truly one in a million" - Lauren H. (August 2015)
Abby is AMAZING to work with! She smiles through everything and I've never seen anyone with a more positive attitude under pressure. It just felt like she always knew what to do! My wedding planning would have been so stressful without Abby there is guide me an listen to all of my ideas. She took everything we had an made a gorgeous, memorable day for us. " - Stephanie G. (November 2015)
You absolutely NAILED our vision! I could see it in my head, and she made it all come to life. From our first design meeting, she got my style and the feel that I wanted my wedding to have perfectly." Our wedding would not have been half as beautiful without her expertise and planning." - Tiffany R. (September 2015)
We absolutely loved working with you during every step of the process! You are always so thoughtful and thorough in your responses and thought of so many things that we never would have! Your calm demeanor made everything feel so much less stressful. Thank you so much for everything you did for Erick, my parents, and our guests at our wedding!"  - Heather C. (October 2015)