San Francisco Color Palette Inspiration

I spend last weekend and part of this week trolling around the San Francisco Bay area, exploring the architecture, visiting wineries and remembering what green trees and grass look like (even though the Chicago winter gods have been good to us this year). Mike had to be in San Francisco for work meetings this week and we both had a magically free weekend before hand with no work, no weddings, and 3 days all to ourselves.  It was like a mythical unicorn, so we jumped on flights and didn't look back.

We had a little rental Ford and no solid plans. It was slow-travel perfection. We meandered around the city, up and down the hills, which absolutely, positively terrified me! Going fast down hill's is my idea of a nightmare. I was the world's wimpiest rollerblader back in the day. Between screams and covering my eyes I mandated several stops to get and drool over the beautiful color palette of this city! Architecture and interiors have always been the biggest influence in my design life. 

The tone-on-tone color palettes felt so fresh yet eternally timeless. It was California meets a Southern lady with a mediterranean twist.  That my official San Francisco Color Palette definition! The perfect counterpoint for the lush green accents of the city by the bay.