Tips for Hiring and Working with a Videographer

Are you looking to hire a videographer? This post is jammed packed with great insights from BOTH the client and vendor perspective!

But first, I’m so excited to share this video highlight from our 2016 wedding clients Dan + Jordan! You might remember their beautiful Garfield Park day from my blog post here. We worked with Chelsea Bliefernicht from White Quill Creative and she summed the day up more perfectly than I ever could:

“Jordan and Dan's Garfield Park Conservatory wedding perfectly wove their passions, histories, and families into one. Every single beautiful detail held significance to the couple, which made this wedding even more awe-inspiring.”

(Seriously! This right here is why I get up and work every day!!)

AM Prep: Intercontinental Hotel | Venue: Garfield Park Conservatory | Wedding Planner: Heirloom Event Co. | Photographer: Nancy Marie Photography | Strings: Artistrings | DJ: Toast and Jam | Floral: Hoot and Holler | Beauty: Kate Johnson Artistry | Catering: Limelight Catering | Transportation: Top Fleet

So, are you considering hiring a Videographer?  Here’s what Dan and Jordan had to say about their experience:

  • Why did you choose to add video in addition to photo?
    At the very least we knew we wanted to film the ceremony so we would always remember what was said. We figured a friend and a Gopro would do. But, after watching a lot of wedding videos online, we realized we really liked the ones that told a story of the whole day. At first we were worried it would be too expensive and might have to be one of those items that needed to be cut. However, Abby helped us find someone who not only fit into our budget, but who understood exactly what we were looking for. Now, having the short film is such a fun way to relive everything!
  • How do you think having a video of your wedding adds to your memories or experience of the day?
    Pictures are amazing, but there is something really special about getting a chance to hear the toasts, listen to the ceremony and watch all the dancing. As much as we tried to be present and take in every moment, the day went by in the blink of an eye. Having this video brings it all back to life and it is something we can share with our family and friends, and one day maybe even our children.

  • Any tips or feedback you'd give to other couples about working with a videographer?
    Definitely get a sense of what styles you prefer and find a videographer who you can work with. We wanted the video to have the same feeling as the event itself. We also had an amazing vendor (White Quill Creative!!) who really listened to our input when it came to music selection. Feeling like it was a partnership made all the difference in the world!

And also, some advice directly from the source! 

3 Things to Consider When Hiring A Wedding Videographer
From White Quill Creative

1) How long do you want your final wedding film to be?
There are two types of final wedding films - a 1-2 hour documentary edit, similar to the VHS tape sitting in your parents' house, and a "highlight" edit that condenses your entire wedding day into a 10-15 video. It's important to sit down and really think about what's more important to you - having a longer video that you won't watch often but contains more detail, or having a shorter video that you watch all the time that has only the best moments. Also note that it's not a black and white scenario - if you want a highlight film but also want to be able to re-live details, the majority of videographers will happily add full-length clips of your ceremony, toasts, and any other special moments to your package.

2) What shooting style are you attracted to?
Just like photography, your wedding videographer can use a fly-on-the-wall candid style, a more hands-on/directed approach, or a hybrid of the two. It's important you find a wedding videographer who's filming style is something you're comfortable with and compliments your wedding photographer. For example, if your photographer has a candid style, hiring a videographer that directs you will interfere with the photographer's style (and vice versa).

3) Has your photographer worked with the videographer before?
It's okay if the videographer you hire has never worked with your photographer, but asking your photographer for referrals is a great place to start your videographer search if you're overwhelmed. They'll suggest people they've successfully worked alongside before who they know has a complimentary style.

Heirloom Event Co. // Tips for Hiring a Wedding Videographer