A Life Lately Update!

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted an update about the happenings here at Heirloom and for life in general, so I thought this rainy Friday afternoon might just be the perfect time to catch you up! I have a steaming cup of tea next to me in my office and multiple dogs sleeping by my feet.

So...a few big things have happened in the last few months:

A New Look for Heirloom
Heirloom is getting a new website that’s currently in the works and I did a really fun branding photoshoot with the very talented Jennifer Kathryn Photography. It was such a treat to get glammed up and create some tabletops and other details just for fun. I’m thinking about adding monthly creative days to my schedule where I let myself just design and style purely for the sake of fun. If anyone want to collaborate on one, please email me!

Heirloom Event Co. By Jennifer Kathryn Photograhy
Heirloom Event Co. by Jennifer Kathryn Photography

Two Years of Business
Tomorrow is Heirloom’s second Business-versary! Here’s a picture of me just about to sign the paperwork at the notary office two years ago. I dropped the papers in the mail and jumped on a plane to Europe that day for our adventure in Switzerland.  I wanted so badly to create a business that worked for our lives and allowed us to really live them to the fullest. It doesn’t feel like years, it feels like the blink of an eye. And, it looks so different from the inside than what I ever imagined it would look like from the outside. Some things that I thought would come easily have been the biggest struggles and things that I expected to struggle through have come very naturally. Hands down, it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’ve never worked so hard for anything and I feel fortunate for the couples, families, vendors and other business owners who choose to work with Heirloom.

Heirloom Event Co.
Heirloom Event Co.

Oh, and I Got MARRIED!!
Two weeks ago Mike and I exchanged vows in front of a small group of our friends and family and it was pretty magical. I didn’t talk a lot about our wedding planning here on the blog or on social media in general leading up to our wedding because, quite honestly, it was much harder than I expected to be both a wedding professional and a bride at the same time. So I chose to let myself just experience our engagement as the bride and not add additional pressure that our wedding had to fill my content calendar in that moment as well. Mike reminded me often that our wedding did not have to be planned perfectly for strangers on the internet, and it was just what I needed to hear (even though I love each and every one of you who visit here!). It was the right decision for us to keep our planning private and I tried to stay true to Heirloom’s mission throughout and take the advice I give to my couples. Now that we’re not in the thick of it, I’m really looking forward to sharing some perspective and recaps in the coming weeks.  

Here are a couple images from our day. You can see more of a recap over here on our amazing photographer’s blog.  Working with Maria Harte Photography was incredible! Mike HATES being photographed with a passion, but we both felt so comfortable with Maria that I was honestly sad when our portrait time ended. It was such as testament to finding a photographer that fits well with your style and personality (and why yes, that will be an upcoming blog post! Stay tuned). Oh, and that's my mom's gorgeous veil that I'm wearing! 

Heirloom Event Co. by Maria Harte Photograhy
Heirloom Event Co. by Maria Harte Photography

You’ll see my name change here on the website and on social media! I’ll be using Abby Giffin McKinney personally and will likely transition to Abby McKinney for Heirloom in the coming months. One of the things I was most excited about during the wedding weekend was getting to use the brand new LL Bean tote that I had monogramed for the occasion! I've carried one for years and if felt like a really fitting way to mark the occasion. I busted this out the following morning are carried it very proudly around the hotel. Thank you to my dear friend Nathalie for remembering to snap a picture with me holding it as we were packing up the cars to reunite with our pups

Heirloom Event Co.
Heirloom Event Co.

Mike and I hand crafted many of the details for our wedding. Mike made the decor, such as our table numbers and wooden herb and flower boxes. I did all of the floral for the wedding. I’ll have many more updates soon about some new service offerings for Heirloom, but here are a couple of photos of the creation process for our florals.

Heirloom Event Co. by Maria Harte Photography
Heirloom Event Co.
Heirloom Event Co.

We didn’t honeymoon and instead staycationed.  Also the best decision ever, because we were so exhausted that really all we wanted to do was watch Netflix with our dogs anyway.  Our staycation was short because we have jumped right into serious house hunting. Ya’ll I thought weddings were stressful….send ALL THE WINE and puppies to cuddle because I need them dearly to make it through this process.

We’re planning to honeymoon in the fall and I’m really excited about the destination that finally won out -- Tuscany!! I’d love any recommendations about things to do and see. Especially the vespa scootering to vineyard related things.  

More Content and Exciting Updates to Come!
I’m excited to get back to a regular schedule and blog content.  Monday is the return of the Hey Abby Series! If there are any etiquette or how-to questions that you’d like answered, I’d love to hear from you here.

Heirloom’s client wedding season officially kicks off next weekend with the SWEETEST couple on the planet. I am so excited to work with them and an amazing vendor team.  Stay tuned to my instagram for behind the scenes stories.  

A Huge thank you for all the love and support for Heirloom, our lives and our wedding!  

Abby Giffin McKinney