Abby McKinney | Heirloom Event Co. | Photo by Love The Nelsons

Hello and Welcome! 

Abby McKinney
Owner and Lead Planner + Floral Designer

Born and raised in Michigan, Abby now calls Chicago home with her husband and their tribe of three pups.  After earning advanced degrees in psychology, a love of people and details lead her to 12 years of experience in the event industry for corporate and non-profit organizations. Relocating back to the midwest from Washington, DC, Abby found her purpose in the design and execution of weddings creating meaningful experiences for her clients and their families.

WIPA Chicago | Wedding Industry Professional Association

Abby sits on the Chicago Board of Directors for the Wedding Industry Professional Association, which provides industry leading education, produce inspirational events and advance the standards of the wedding industry

 About Heirloom Event Co.

At Heirloom we believe that a beautiful wedding planning journey creates a meaningful beginning to the start of your marriage. We are a full service planning, floral and design studio that will guide you from engagement to your wedding day and create a celebration with artfully crafted details that reflects your personality and style. 

Meet Abby | Heirloom Event Co. | Photo by Maria Harte Photography
Meet Abby | Heirloom Event Co. | Photo by Maria Harte Photography
Meet Abby | Heirloom Event Co. | Photo by Maria Harte Photograhy
Meet Abby | Heirloom Event Co. | Photo by Maria Harte Photography
Tenets of an Heirloom Life

Here at Heirloom, We Believe that: 

  1. Your life should make you abundantly happy. Not all day every day, but more often than now. Change and grow until you find that.

  2. How you do something is as important as the end result.

  3. Trust your instincts and let your personal style shine through.

  4. Every space, be it a wedding or a home, needs a living organic element.

  5. Setting the table with you grandmother's china will always be the epitome of style.

  6. Your journey will not look like anyone else's. Celebrate that and make the choices that are right for you.

  7. Draw and seek inspiration from everywhere.

  8. Surround yourself with things that tell your story. They will always be more stylish than things you picked out because they matched.

  9. Your wedding day starts a legacy for your family.

  10. Cherish your heirlooms. An heirloom can be old or new, expensive or worth pennies, but they are cherished because of the memories they bring you.