Everything You Need To Know About Planning Your Wedding Shower

Having a lovely afternoon lunch with your close female friends and family is beautiful tradition and a fantastic way to celebrate your wedding. It's also a bit archaic of a tradition that doesn't seem to be keeping pace with the evolution of the rest of our lives.

Everything You Need To Know About Planning Your Wedding Shower | Heirloom Event Co.

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If branching out from the traditional ladies-only shower is something that you would like, or fits your life best, then speak up early in the process and specifically ask for what you want.

Do you want your partner to attend the shower too? Ask for that. Do you want to include your close friends of all genders in a shower that everyone would feel comfortable at (lunch at a local brewery instead of high tea)? Ask for that.

Always be careful to give your hosts the leeway to plan a shower that is within their budget and capacity, but don't believe that you have to subscribe to every wedding tradition regarding showers simply because that's the way it's always been done. As with anything you value during your wedding planning, be able to clearly and concisely articulate why this is important to you.

- Review the guest list or remind your hosts of who is on your wedding invitation list. For the most part, anyone invited to a shower should also be invited to the wedding. This includes significant others, and children.

If you are not including children on the wedding invitation, but would like to include a select few that are close to you in a shower, have a personal conversation (or delegate this to a close family member) about the shower specifically. "We're not able to include any children at our wedding reception but we know that little Susie would really enjoy this afternoon tea time, and would be more than happy if you brought her along"

There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, a shower thrown at your office by your coworkers is a lovely gesture from people you spend so many of your waking hours with - but it doesnʻt necessarily require an invitation to the wedding.

And there you have it! These are just a few ways to navigate your wedding shower! Leave a comment down below or send me a note at abby@heirloomeventco.com on your thoughts about planning a wedding shower.

Five Tips for a Great Wedding After Party

Your wedding reception will zip by in the blink of an eye, and soon the last song will be playing and your guests will be wandering towards the exits and shuttles. If you're looking to squeeze every second out of your wedding day, an After Party is a great way to continue the fun once your venue closes. Here are five tips to make sure yours is great.

Five Tips For A Great Wedding After Party | Heirloom Event Co.

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1) The best places to host an afterparty are as close to where your guests will be staying as possible. That allows people to join you for one drink, or stay until the very last second and still get back to their hotel or rooms as safely and easily as possible. Have your shuttles drop guests right at the afterparty AND continue back to the main hotel, for those that don't want to attend.

2) If your guests are all staying in a hotel, check with the hotel bar to see if you can reserve a section dedicated to your party. Depending on the hotel, there may be a semi-private space that can be reserved for your group.

If the hotel is connected to, or a short walking distance from a local pub or casual restaurant with a bar area, reach out to see if they have a section that can be reserved. Don't rely on walking in and trying to find space for yourself if you expect to have a crowd with you.

3) The After Party should be open to all guests, even if it likely ends ups with a group of your close friends and a few others.

4) Don't list the After Party on your main invitation. Information like this is best placed on your wedding website, a details card included with your invitation, or simply by word of mouth on your wedding day (if you're aiming for a smaller gathering).

5) It's not required, or expected, that you supply the food and drinks for the After Party. It's an incredibly nice gesture, and if you have the ability to do it, it absolutely creates a seamless and memorable experience for your guests. If you're at a pub or restaurant establishment, consider ordering some rounds of appetizers for everyone and having guests go directly to the bar for anything they'd like to drink.